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            Nuclear Lifecycle

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            Delivering safe, innovative approaches to managing high-risk, technically complex projects?–?from management and operations to innovative clean-up and environmental remediation.

            Jacobs understands complex nuclear programs and the many facets that make them challenging. Our experts thrive on managing complex nuclear programs, factoring in unique issues, such as risk, contractual, technical, stakeholder/public involvement, safety, logistics, labor and scheduling. Each nuclear asset presents a unique set of conditions and complexities, requiring rigorously safe, regulatory compliant and robust solutions.

            We provide a comprehensive, definitive plan for cost-effective and compliant management of the nuclear lifecycle that also protects people and the environment. With more than fifty years of experience across the complete nuclear asset lifecycle, Jacobs manages a wide range of independent nuclear facilities and projects, where our clients use our capabilities across design, engineering and asset optimization, procurement, construction, and commissioning through to decontamination and decommissioning, site closure, regulatory compliance and environmental services.

            Jacobs provides a complete suite of services and specialized expertise for an array of facility and infrastructure types that aim to optimize our clients’ investments and meet the needs of multiple stakeholders. Spanning military master planning, to energy consulting and audits, to facility condition assessments, we provide comprehensive solutions that lead to sustainable investments and strategies for our clients’ long-term viability. When return on investment matters, Jacobs works with our clients to solve the most demanding resource challenges.

            Featured Solution: Hanford Plateau Remediation

            Key Facts


            billion gallons of contaminated groundwater cleaned up


            site staff focused on cleanup of this complex site along the Columbia River

            Hanford aerial

            Safely performing one of the largest environmental protection programs in the world since 2008, we're managing the environmental cleanup of the Central Plateau at the Hanford Site, which includes construction, expansion and operation of pump and treatment facilities to treat contaminated groundwater and support the overall mission of protecting the river.

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            Our solutions

            Managing legacy assets safely and responsibly

            Delivering safe, innovative approaches to managing high-risk, technically complex projects, today’s major challenges in the nuclear industry are undertaking asset restoration, decommissioning and waste management and clean-up in a safe and cost-effective manner. Due to the nature of nuclear facilities, these legacy assets cannot simply be switched off, demolished and removed. Given that many plants were built when regulatory and operational requirements were very different, the technical and environmental issues are considerable.

            At Jacobs, our scientists and engineers take a personal interest in understanding our clients’ needs and matching them with today’s technologies to find the right solution at the right price. We’ve led the way in the cost-effective operation and maintenance of remediation systems and stand ready to take on any project from small product removal systems, to complex extraction and treatment systems with sophisticated instrumentation and controls.

            As part of this work, Jacobs provides comprehensive environmental services to address all aspects of the process from regulatory compliance, safety case requirements and permitting, to pollution prevention, land contamination management and remedial evaluation and selection.

            Providing power for the future

            We offer a full complement of services from business case preparation and environmental analyses, to construction and commissioning of new nuclear power plants. We tailor each project, often starting early in the process with optioneering, concept design and front-end engineering, peer reviews, generic design assessment and design development work. With major expansion and upgrade programs underway globally, we also use our experience, geographic reach and technical skills to help clients expand into new regions.

            Our significant engineering expertise in fusion projects, project assembly, installation and maintenance, as well as addressing associated building and infrastructure needs has helped many of our clients, such as the ITER organization. We leverage our global nuclear resources working together to find the very best solutions for our clients.

            Keeping plants running smoothly

            Trawsfynydd Decommissioning Site
            Image courtesy of Magnox. Copyright Magnox Limited

            Nuclear power is one of the most regulated industries, demanding the highest standards in safety, security and environmental management. Jacobs helps our clients interpret regulations, investigate practical environmental options and implement benchmarking. From hazard and operability studies and site condition reports, to impact, shielding and criticality assessments, Jacobs provides comprehensive services that underpin the proposals we develop for continued operation, plant modification and optimization.

            Delivering high-value solutions across a varied portfolio of design-build projects, we support clients such as EDF, Sellafield and Magnox. Our nuclear capability extends from planning, design and engineering to construction, commissioning and operational support. Clients use our global resources for a range of programs for reprocessing, waste management, storage and associated infrastructure needs.

            Transforming contaminated sites into safe places

            Across the table of elements and around the globe, Jacobs is managing some of the most challenging nuclear waste streams at the world’s largest and most highly contaminated sites. We support our clients’ toughest cleanup challenges through a unique and integrated nuclear waste management strategy. Our experts are well-versed in each and every stage of managing nuclear waste from characterization, packagingand final disposal. We tackle our client’s biggest nuclear waste challenges and transform contaminated sites into safe places for the environment and communities to thrive.

            Nuclear Lifecycle Innovations & Insights

            At Jacobs, we partner with clients to solve complex challenges overcoming change and disruption. It’s one thing for us to say it, and much better when our thought leaders are able to share their insights and experience. Browse through podcasts, publications, interviews and other stories for more.